Hinshaw Music

SATB anthem
By: Donna Butler Douglas
Level: Moderate

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This piece is energized by a consistent rhythmic drive and is perfect for celebrating the past, present and future.

Available through the publisher and choral music distributors.

Text by John Dalles

Celebrate the present, celebrate the past.
Celebrate days to come.

Come celebrate the journey begun so long ago:
A church formed by the Spirit, God’s love and peace to show.
So faithfully assembled together in one place.
To worship, work and witness, united by God’s grace.

Come, celebrate the future;
O come, celebrate the past.
Thanks be to God for joy this day,
O come, celebrate the Lord

Come celebrate the pathway now is ours.
To find, to blaze, to follow as God grants and empowers;
The Spirit’s calling beckons through all earth’s breadth and length.
With words of exultation, “move on from strength to strength.”

May the marks of reformation channel each choice we face.
Heritage yields innovation with the guidance of God’s grace.
Motivated by thanksgiving, mindful of each other’s needs;
Showing mercy in our living, we’ll go forward as God leads.