Shawnee Press

Unison anthem
By: Donna Butler Douglas
Level: Easy

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Written for combined choirs of children and adults, this anthem prayerfully seeks God's love to nurture and sustain growing children, caregiving adults and parents. A gentle accompaniment supports the beautiful melody that both choirs first sing independently before combining together later in the anthem. The piece is an ideal choice for use with Mother's Day or Father's Day services, baptisms and confirmation services. There is an accompaniment CD available (35029822) that features multiple titles, including this one.

Available through the publisher and choral music distributors.

Text by Kathy Burdette and Gary Douglas

Lord, we come as your children, spirits fresh and meek.
Bless the dreams we seek and keep us filled with faith.
Lord, watch over your children as we grow and play.
Give us joy each day and keep us close to you.

Comfort us, nourish us. Call us to rise above.
Speak through us. Shine through us.
Encircle us in your love.

Lord, empower our children for a world anew.
Tell us what to do to raise them strong in faith.
Lord, encourage our children; let them know your grace.
Help them find their place. Guide them to follow you.