Shawnee Press

Two part anthem with optional violin & congregation
By: Donna Butler Douglas
Level: Easy

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Appropriate for older elementary, youth or adult choirs, this poignant anthem reminds us to stop and recognize the simple blessings of life. In so doing, we can “capture a glimpse of God's face.” This title is also available in a unison version.

Available through the publisher and choral music distributors.

Text by Kathy Burdette

In the everyday miracles of everyday life
God is sending you guidance and grace.
In the simplest of blessings you miss every day
you can capture a glimpse of God’s face.

Do you take the time to notice a rainbow?
Do you feel the breeze as it sweeps through your hair?
Will you learn to see with the eyes of your spirit?
Will you stop and listen? Do you dare?

Do you take the time to laugh with the children?
Do you hear the swell of a sweet violin?
The Creator of love is calling your name.
So look, look around and let true faith begin!