Hinshaw Music Press

SATB anthem
By: Donna Butler Douglas
Level: Moderate

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This is a creative and potent meditation on the names and the character of God.

Available through the publisher and choral music distributors.

Text by Pamela Martin

I have made you. I have called you.
I have chosen you. I am God.
I have redeemed you. I have been faithful to you, my people.
I am God.

I will water your land and out of my hand
I will pour my Spirit on you.
I am the first and last, the future, the past.
I am eternity. There is none like me.

I am Jehovah, the Author of Faith,
All in All, the Bread of Life, and the Everlasting Father,
Peace. I am Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God,
Alpha, Omega, Everlasting Life!

I am God.