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SATB anthem with optional congregation
By: Donna Butler Douglas
Level: Moderate

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This anthem depicts how a church of “brick and stone” transforms into a spiritually meaningful place.

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Text by Kathy Burdette

In this place.

We honor all the spirits who dreamed this sacred space.
Reaching out and reaching in to share the gift of faith.
Every soul is welcome in this covenant of grace.
Beloved child of God, join our table, take your place.

It was only brick and stone when I first walked through the door.
But something stirred my spirit here and now it’s so much more.
Our hearts and doors stand open, surely God is in this place.
May the light of loving kindness shine from each and every face.
In this place.

In this place we gather to soar on hope and awe.
With your wisdom, clear our vision, help us face our flaws.
Equip us with a growing understanding of your grace.
Then, send us out to those in need of your embrace.

What is the future? What are we called to do?
We’re filled with possibility because we follow you.