Shawnee Press – 35030481

Two-part anthem with optional flute
By: Donna Butler Douglas
Level: Very Easy

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With tenderness and grace, this anthem of prayer seeks God's help in being a light to the world. Rich harmonies and a lovely melody surround the song's earnest plea to be a “beacon of love and care.” The piece is a fitting selection for use during Lent or any service of commitment.

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Text by Donna Butler Douglas, Kathy Burdette, Gary Douglas and R.G. Huff

Kindle this flame with all I need to know
Shelter it from doubt and give it time to grow
Order my steps to people filled with strife.
So I can be a channel of my Savior’s holy light

I can be a light to people everywhere
I can be a beacon and offer love and care
God, give me courage to always follow you
Lord, let me be Your light.

Brighten my light when I am in distress.
May it guide me home, remind me I am blessed.
Daily I’ll count on you to see me through,
So every word and every deed reflect my love of You

Shine in me. Shine with me. Shine through me.
Let me be your light.