Unison anthem, solo or hymn
Words and Music By: A.L. Pete Butler
Level: Easy

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Explore this meaningful work, available in two voicings: This arrangement is the original, suitable for small choirs or solo, and an alternate version, arranged by Donna Butler Douglas, is a more difficult setting suitable for TTBB choirs.


The joy of serving Christ is indescribable
To do His will brings peace beyond compare.
To walk with Him each day makes life so rich and full
For happiness and love are His to share.

Life's greatest joy is serving Jesus,
and in His strength to live each day.
Life's greatest joy is yours in Jesus
O let Him have control, then through His grace you'll know
Life's greatest joy.

O serve the Lord with gladness, giving thanks to Him,
Devote your life to ministry and care.
Commit your time and talents with an open heart,
For we are living branches, fruit to bear.

May Thy rich grace impart strength to my fainting heart
My zeal inspire.
As Thou hast died for me, O may my love for Thee
Pure, warm and changeless be, a living fire!

O deep within my heart I feel a blessed peace.
I know that Christ, the Savior, dwells within.
He came into my life and gave me full release,
And through His grace has cleansed me from my sin.

He's cleansed me from my sin,
I'm free, I'm free from all my sin.