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SATB anthem with tambourine
By: A.L. Butler; Arranged by Donna Butler Douglas
Level: Moderate

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Commissioned for the Bethlehem 2000 celebration in Bethlehem Square by Palestinian Christians, this anthem evokes Middle Eastern harmonies with tambourine.

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Text by A.L. Butler

O Bethlehem! City of David,
Chosen from all of the cities on earth.
In God’s great plan, a rude, lowly stable
sheltered the blest, holy birth.

On that night two thousand years ago,
shepherds heard the angels say,
“Glory to God in the highest!
Peace and good will to all men!
Jesus, the promised Messiah, is born today.”

That manger scene still lives through the ages,
Shepherds adoring the Babe in the hay.
The promise foretold in prophecy pages
now is fulfilled to this day.

Bethlehem! Ephratah,
Small among the class of Judah!
Out of you there shall come the long awaited ruler.
The Messiah coming to save,
Free the world so long enslaved.
O Holy One, Emmanuel the promised king of kings.
And He will be their peace.

O Bethlehem light shine to the nations
Tell all the world the Messiah lives.
O tell of His might, His perfect salvation.
Life everlasting He gives.

O Bethlehem light, shine to the nations,
O shine as the starts in the night,
Bethlehem light!