SATB hymn
By: Donna Butler Douglas
Level: Easy

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This stately hymn begins with an invitation to worship and traces the journey of a church with the promise of a bright future ahead. Commissioned for the sequistentennial celebration of Second Baptist Church of Liberty, Missouri.

Recording by Second Baptist Church, Liberty, Missouri.


O God, who spoke to simple folk Thy Word of Liberty
Bless now Thy children in this hour of joy in serving Thee.
Thy Word was strong, and stronger still, it beckons us to give,
To tell the story of Thy love that others yet may live.

Bless'd we have been and blessings be translating Word to Deed:
The “cup of water” in Thy name is poured for those in need.
Our frontier faith spans skies and space, Thy Word imparted free,
O'er lands and oceans, 'til in song just praises bound to Thee.

By faith we live, who live the Faith, Thine humble servants true.
We follow paths of stalwart saints and yield ourselves anew.
O God, who speaks to faithful folk Thy Word of Liberty,
Bless now Thy children for new days of joy in serving Thee.