Choristers Guild

Unison anthem with optional flute and congregation
By: Donna Butler Douglas
Level: Easy

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This lovely anthem offers a variety of presentation options throughout the Advent season for both children's choirs and congregations. In addition to serving as a stand-alone anthem that's sung only once during Advent, the piece can also be used during all four Sundays of Advent when the Advent candles are lit.

Available through the publisher and choral music distributors.

Text by Kathy Burdette

One simple candle, now we prepare,
hearts full of wonder, spirits aware.

1. This is the season the story begins,
open our lives to let promise in.

Four candles weave a circle,
A wondrous, blazing sight!
Come to us dear Savior,
Enfold us in your light.
The pure Christ candle, so bright.
Ah, holy light.

2. This is the advent of love born anew,
help us to see new visions of you.

3. Soft golden light and shimmering glow,
quietly waiting, eager to know.

4. One simple candle, Advent arrives.
Lit by the fire we transform our lives.