Choristers Guild

Unison/two part anthem
By: Donna Butler Douglas
Level: Easy

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Honoring the traditional role of mothers as well as the expanding boundaries of parenting through foster parents and other care givers, this anthem prayerfully seeks God's blessing for mothers everywhere. The poignant text incorporates global inferences as it expresses the anthem's theme of healing the world one child at a time. A stirring melody in 6/8 meter moves primarily by step in a comfortable singing range appropriate for younger and older elementary children's choirs.

Available through the publisher and choral music distributors.

Text by Kathy Burdette

God bless the mother who sings to her child,
peaceful and calm, her words soft and mild.
God bless the mother awake in the night,
rocking her child ‘til morning light.

Gather all mothers in tender embrace.
Grant them your courage, your wisdom and grace.
Honor their place in your sacred design,
of healing the world one child at a time.

God bless the mother forgiving and wise.
sharing God’s grace through the light in her eyes.
God bless the mother oppressed by her fears,
carried by faith ‘til hope reappears.