Hinshaw Music Press

SSAA anthem
By: Donna Butler Douglas
Level: Moderate

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Looking for a piece for the women in your church choir? This energetic work is truly full of life and excitement. Give it a try on Music Ministry Sunday. Also available in SATB (HMC1900).

Available through the publisher and choral music distributors.

Text by R.G. Huff, B.J. Huff and Donna Butler Douglas

I have reason to sing to the Maker of everything.
He has spangled the night with His glorious light
and has given life to all things.
He traces a path for all He knows;
wherever I journey, His Spirit goes.
And I have reason to sing.

I have reason to praise. He is holy in all His ways.
And in jubilant voice, let our spirits rejoice.
He is worthy of our song.
His judgments are just and mercies true;
Creator, He makes old things new.
And I have reason to praise.

You’ve given me the words, Lord, and the music.
A song of love that’s new and unrehearsed.
You’ve given me the joy that makes my heart sing
even though the tears come first.
You’ve given me the strength of my existence
and I will sing your glory all my days.
For now, Lord, and forever be my music,
and make my life a symphony of praise,
now, and forever and evermore.