Heritage Music Press

Two-part anthem
By: Donna Butler Douglas
Level: Very Easy

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Artful tonal shifts with a splendid modulation grace this effective piece that features a meaningful text reflecting on how we all play a part in spreading joy and goodwill as we each make a difference in building a better world.

This song echoes the theme of the Seven Days program, “Make a ripple … change the world.” This program was created to promote acts of kindness following the 2014 shootings at the Jewish Community Center in the Kansas City area.

Thank you to the Houston Children’s Chorus – Stephen Roddy, Founder and Director

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Text by Kathy Burdette

Late in the night there’s a still small voice that feels like a silent whisper.
It dares me to make a difference in the lives of my brothers and sisters.
Sometimes it seems like the world’s in a state and nothing I do can heal it.
Then I look at the stars so lovely, and hope is so strong I can feel it.

I can make a difference if I just believe.
Maybe I can change the world if you will join with me.
Let me be like a tiny little stone tossed in a quiet lake.
Creating a ripple of circles, reaching everything and everyone in its wake.

Late in the day when I still my mind and calm my racing spirit,
I notice the peace within me, and know, all at once, I must share it.
Now I can look in the eyes of a friend as someone who’s feeling sorrow.
I can speak a word of comfort and offer a hope for tomorrow.

We can make a difference if we just believe.
Maybe we can change the world. Oh, won’t you join and see.
We can be like a tiny little stone tossed in a quiet lake,
Creating a ripple of kindness, reaching out our hands to everyone for love’s sake!