Level: Fourth Grade (curriculum is loosely based on grade levels).
Each set of Theoryville is independent. Use one or all.

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Concepts presented:

  • the Grand Staff
  • line notes and space notes
  • numbers of lines and spaces
  • the musical alphabet
  • the keyboard
  • simple scales – without accidentals
  • the space between the staves
  • writing notes between the staves
  • scales related to the staves
  • leger lines & chord speller
  • line and space names in both clefs
  • the Circle of 5ths
  • the piano keyboard
  • scales related to the staff and keyboard
  • sharps and flats
  • enharmonic equivalents
  • major diatonic scales
  • key signatures
  • the scales of C, G, D, E & F on the staff and keyboard
  • adding accidentals to the Circle of 5ths