Level: Sixth Grade (curriculum is loosely based on grade levels).
Each set of Theoryville is independent. Use one or all.

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Teaches Students to Sight Read:

  • syllables of the scale
  • all chords of the scale
  • degree numbers of the scale
  • I, IV and V chords
  • chord inversions
  • triads
  • the scale of F major
  • skipping along the chord line
  • practice songs to sing with syllables
  • Do, Mi, Sol, and their neighboring tones
  • the scale of D major
  • intervals of the 3rd and 5th
  • intervals of the 4th and 6th through chord inversions
  • intervals of the 2nd and 7th
  • unison or prime
  • chord second inversion
  • unfamiliar practice songs